The School of Robotics participated in the Arduino Day 2019 in Buenos Aires city

Students and facilitators of the School of Robotics, together with the Coordinator of Management Unit ICT Soledad Basualdo, participated in the Arduino Day, where they had a stand, through which more than a thousand people passed and were interested in the School of Robotics of Misiones. In addition, facilitators gave a workshop on “Development, formation and expansion of technological vocations”, in which students programmed Leds with Arduino in Educablocks, and was aimed at children from 8 to 14 years.

Arduino Day is a global event created to commemorate the anniversary of Arduino. In his workshops, lectures, contests and many other activities are carried out.

During the opening ceremony, Felipe Herrera, Director of Educabot, referred to the province of Misiones, noting that besides being one of the smallest provinces in the country, it has the largest School of Robotics, prepared for more than 4,000 students.

On the other hand, the national deputy  Flavia Morales emphasized that “we have a president of the House of Representatives who is a visionary and who believes a lot on education, and education laws  of province are of vanguard” and also mentioned that the Disruptive Education’s Law reaches all schools in the province, in all its forms and levels.

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