The first day of awareness of the Suma tu Escuela 2019 line of the School of Robotics of Misiones was held.

The first day of awareness was held at the School of Robotics and it began with the opening in which the Coordinator of the ICT Management Unit was present, Soledad Basualdo, in charge of the School of Robotics ,the President of the General Education Council Mauricio Maidana, the President of the Bloque Renovador Marcelo Rodríguez, the President of the Commission of Education Deputy Maria Inés Rebollo, the President of Marandú Communications SE Marcelo Rodríguez, the Provincial Deputy Rosana Arguello, National Deputy Mrs. Flavia Morales,the General Director of Industry Lucas Spinelli, the Vocal of Secondary education Miguel Pintos, the Vocal of Primary education Marcelo Márquez and the Speaker Lic. In Philosophy Alejandro Piscitelli

Alejandro Piscitelli made reference to the most interesting thing about the School of Robotics: the children who come from the formal education system attend school and come to learn robotics in a hybrid way, in a space that fosters different alternatives. For her part, the National Representative Flavia Morales stressed that the link that is generated between the teacher and the student, the talent and what happens in the classroom, is key to building knowledge. On the other hand, the Deputy Rebollo made reference to the daily use of technology by young people, since students from both public and private institutions use the Flipped Learning platform.

In the event, Mr. Alejandro Piscitelli gave a lecture called “The future of professions in the age of Artificial Intelligence”.

Then, attendees were divided into different spaces that make up the School for the development of awareness workshops, which were intended for directors and teachers of all levels and modalities, public and private. In these workshops the presentation of the proposal for the Suma tu Escuela 2019 line of the School of Robotics was made, lectures were given and different dynamics were carried out, as well as the presentation of robotics kits among other practical activities.

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