This proposal is specifically intended for young people. It is an interactive and dynamic program through social networks so viewers can participate and communicate.

Synchronized is a TV program of the School of Robotics that broadcast every Monday at 12: 00hs by 12 Channel. It has duration of half an hour, in which all the activities and training courses taking place in the School of Robotics in Misiones and Digital Education are reported in every corner of our province and the world. The program has the support of the School of Robotics, which depends on the Honorable House of Representatives of the Province.

The aim is to highlight the role of young people as protagonists of the maker culture recalling the recently sanction of the maker law culture by the National Congress – expressing  its place since the changes that come through technologies, and on the other hand, report on technological breakthroughs occurring in our region and in the world, since Misiones has been a pioneer in recent years on projects that have to do with the actual implementation of technologies, robotics, automation, among other areas. It is important to mention that this also falls within the Act of Disruptive Education sanctioned by the House of Representatives of the Province of Misiones

Notably, all synchronized programs are uploaded on YouTube channel of the School of Robotics: