Lagash University


Lagash University is a technology training program, which promotes inclusion and employment of young people, so they can live their first professional experience in a stimulating care system in the world environment.

Misiones together with the School of Robotics, for its dynamic education and way of learning, a center of Delivery arises to implement projects from the province to the world. The career plan is aimed at students from 18 to 24 years across the provinces, who wish to have a first work experience in the field of technology.

Lagash has a career plan for each profile. Students are accompanied throughout the course. Helping them develop and achieve skills forming collaborators able to assume key positions within the company and creating direct connections with the entrepreneurial world.

In line with the training proposal of the School of Robotics believing on disruptive, innovative and conducive methods to both the development of scientific and technological skills as well as interpersonal skills required for teamwork and collaboration among peers. The technological training program Lagash University seeks to connect students with opportunities for professional development on issues related to software development.

The acquired knowledge in Lagash University are in line with current market demands and the same professionals who lead teams in Lagash are teachers in the program. Upon completion of the training, selected students will be able to perform in a challenging position in the technology market.