The School of Robotics, from the EFA 4.0 line of action, completed the first scale development with the creation of the Environmental Data Network and App Ambient, with the main objective of assisting the agricultural producer in decision making and promoting educational robotics in the EFA-Schools of Agricultural Families.

The launch of the Environmental Data Network and the “App Ambient” application developed from the EFA line of action of the School of Robotics was carried out at the EFA “Santa Rita”, in the city of 25 de Mayo of Misiones. After an arduous multidisciplinary team work, the largest and only of its kind was built and located in the Province’s largest Environmental Data Network. A central platform was also developed that makes the centralization of APPAMBIENT data possible.

The launch was attended by the Vice-Governor- and President of the social welfare Institute, Carlos Arce, the person in charge of the “Suma tu Escuela” line of action of the School of Robotics of Misiones, the person in charge of the EFA 4.0 line of action of the School of Robotics, Constanza Castillo and the Rector of the EFA “Santa Rita”, Daniel Ziemann.

After the initial delivery of robotics kits and the accompanying support of the facilitators, EFA students developed 24 weather stations. Among the different components of the kit, they used sensors that transmit data via Wi-Fi, which are capitalized on a central platform, where they are processed by different algorithms. Through the application, users from any part of the world can consult the weather data of Misiones. The Network of Environmental Data will allow to know environmental values in real time, like temperature and humidity of the environment, also the amount of water fallen on the ground and the relative humidity of the air and the temperature of the dewpoint. All these data are transcendental for rural development mediated by technology where education and young people are the main agents of change.

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