Since its creation, based on a framework agreement of public-private collaboration signed between the Legislature of Misiones and the HP company in order to integrate technology to education through innovation and the technological vanguard to improve the capabilities and opportunities of the children and communities of the province; the School of Robotics has been building a network of links with a view to strengthening the disruptive education model it promotes, and providing young misioneros with training spaces consistent with the spirit of the institution. The multiple agreements with companies; governmental entities and decentralized organizations allowed to promote the development of activities of diverse nature destined to generate practices and knowledge and to offer innovative technological tools. It is so that from diverse agreements and collaborations a series of activities was carried out to know:

AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS: It is a cooperation agreement to provide innovation and technology to youth in the province, through which the interactive classroom “Samsung Smart School”, originally located in the House of Representatives is now implemented as part of the learning spaces at the School of Robotics. The aim of the classroom is to promote training activities; with joint projects generated by different government areas and activities with schools and teacher trainings, expanding its scope and benefits for the community, in line with the new social paradigms in pursuit of educational excellence.

Under the agreement is also carried out the activity “Solutions for the future,” an initiative contest of Samsung and Socialab companies that promote innovation. It is aimed at young people from public high schools. Students of the School of Robotics participate in workshops of this contest in order to apply mathematical, scientific and technological knowledge intended to devise a solution that promotes positive changes in society.

Agreement signed with “Virtual Educa” authorities for the development of joint actions: Virtual Educa is an organization created in 2001 to encourage innovation in education with the aim of promoting social transformation and sustainable development, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean. This organization operates through an alliance of international institutions, multilateral agencies and public and private entities, bringing together the public, business, academic and civil society sectors. Through this agreement, joint actions of digital innovation and exchange of experiences and the School of Robotics in Misiones was invited to participate in the international event Virtual Educa held in the city of Buenos Aires in September 2018 within the framework agreed of the G20 meeting.


This is a cooperation agreement signed between the School of Robotics in Misiones and representatives of the Community Technology Centers dependent on the Vice Presidency of the Dominican Republic to accompany from experience to the transfer of knowledge from the School to the Dominican innovation centers.


The purpose of this agreement is to provide spaces where students of the School of Robotics can apply what they have learnt, in which both parties express their initiative to collaborate in the generation of links with the companies grouped by the CESSI, as well as with the poles and clusters of which it is a part, making it possible for young people to establish their first contacts with companies to carry out internships, with the purpose of acquiring skills in the exercise of the chosen profession, in contact with the latest technologies and trends

Este convenio tiene como finalidad habilitar espacios donde los estudiantes de la Escuela de Robótica puedan aplicar lo aprendido, en el mismo se ambas partes manifiestan su iniciativa de colaborar en la generación de vínculos con las empresas nucleadas por la CESSI, como también con los polos y clusters de la que es parte, posibilitando que los jóvenes establezcan sus primeros contactos con las empresas para realizar prácticas, con el propósito adquirir habilidades en el ejercicio de la profesión elegida, en contacto con las tecnologías y tendencias más actuales

AGREEMENT BETWEEN UTN AND UNIVERSITY OF GASTON DACHARY: Looking to expand the top-level educational opportunities for young people in the province of Misiones. The School of Robotics has signed agreements with the UTN Regional Faculty of Bs As- and the University of Gaston Dachary “It is a general framework agreement that shows the intentions of the institutions to collaborate to bring new opportunities for young people, in terms of training excellence, to generate knowledge for the productive development of our province, and also provide, the possibility of offering to the students of the School of Robotics that graduate, a space where to continue learning. Both the School of Robotics and the UGD share the concern and interest in teaching to build and develop knowledge in the area of ​​robotics, given the importance of careers linked to that specialty.

Within this agreement also performed “Modeling Sciences”, a course for teachers of mathematics and physics, it materialized through an agreement signed with the UTN Buenos Aires

AGREEMENT WITH SANTILLANA FOUNDATION: the School of Robotics of Misiones and the directors of the Santillana Foundation signed an agreement with the purpose of promoting innovative educational projects that coincide in the formation and expansion of the technological vocation of the young misioneros. The signing of the agreement was in charge of the president of the Misionera Legislature, Eng. Carlos Rovira, and the directors of Editorial Santillana Argentina. The firm contemplates an academic publication of the project of the School of Robotics, from the vision of making a contribution to education through the publication of experiences of the hybridization of models that occurs in the institution framed in the Maker Culture. This publication will be made through the Santillana Editorial, with a digital version accessible to all users of the network, and a print run.


Within the framework of this agreement the School of Robotics and CAMEM are linked to carry out activities in the academic and scientific, educational proposals promoting the implementation of technologies. The “Girls in Technology Club” programming workshops ( for girls form 13 to 16 years old, who worked on the development of applications to respond to different needs, were carried out within the framework of the same workshop. These workshops were framed in a covenant, which made the nexus for the development of this proposal in order to promote educational activities with the implementation of new technologies for young misioneros.


SmartCultiva Corporation is a company whose mission is the production of Nano Sensors IOT (Internet of Things); Base software applications in the segment of Agro Technology (AGTECH) Advanced Systems and Robotics (SRA) in order to help improve agro industrial production processes. By signing an agreement with the School of Robotics it agreed to incorporate advanced technologies nano detection for new generations of innovative farmers by offering solutions and monitoring devices and real-time control for crops to be applied in Agricultural Family Schools (EFA) from the province. The agreement provides for the joint manufacture of an Agrobot, that is, a robot with autonomous mobility and geopositioning whose function is to explore the field to gather information, take temperature of the soil, take pictures, and connects with others to work as a team. The importance of this initiative is also that it will be a key event for local development, given that the students of the Agricultural Family Schools will be able to maintain this technology.

AGREEMENT WITH LAGASH UNIVERSITY: Lagash University is a technological training program with extensive experience in software development in learning programs and digital inclusion. Through the agreement signed with the School of Robotics, it is intended to promote the training and job placement of young misioneros, so that they can live their first professional experience in a caring and stimulating environment in the world of systems. Within the framework of the agreement, the creation of a project delivery center is proposed in order to execute projects from the province to the world. The career plan is intended for students aged 18 to 24 years of the entire province, who wish to have a first work experience in the field of technology.


As well as the links established from the above agreements, the School of Robotics also articulates with various actors who share an interest and efforts to promote innovative projects and generate significant impact in terms of quality and inclusion from initiatives focused in innovation.

Coordination with Guacurari PLATFORM: The School of Robotics and Guacurari Platform articulate their efforts to generate from the inverted classroom methodology, different dynamics of learning in the education of misioneros students. As part of this joint, the School of Robotics participated in the “International Flipped Learning Congress” which was held in the town of Puerto Iguazu between 9 and 11 August 2018. The event brought together specialists from around the world in the application of the method of educational innovation of the “inverted classroom”, where Misiones was established as the first State to begin to apply it. It is a program of Misiones for all its teachers, with free admission. The congress was organized by the Educational Innovation Program “Guacurarí Platform” of the secretary of Professional Technical Education of the Ministry of Culture, Education, Science and Technology; and has the support of the General Council of Education (CGE), the House of Representatives, the National Institute of Technological Education (INET) and Marandú Communications.

ARTICULATION WITH THE LEARNING PLAN CONNECTED: Within the framework of the articulation with the National Digital Education Plan, basic robotics workshops were held for students of the Teacher Training Institutes -initial, primary and secondary levels-, and teachers of Special and Secondary Schools that participated in the training courses of Digital Education, robotics and programming.

PARTICIPATION IN THE FIRST GLOBAL CHALLENGE: This event took place from August 15 to 18 in Mexico City and brought together young people from over 190 countries to solve energy efficiency problems with robots created by them. The organization seeks to inspire leadership and innovation of young people in the fields of science and technology to address the most relevant issues globally and improve the quality of life of society. This time the School of Robotics of Misiones had its representative in the contest. This is Cynthia Beutler, who with his facilitator of the School of Robotics, traveled regularly to Buenos Aires to train, along with other young people and coaches who made up the Argentine national team and represented our country at the event.

EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP FOR INITIAL LEVEL: This event took place from the coordinated actions between the Association of kindergarten teachers, the House of Representatives, the School of Robotics, the municipalities of Campo Grande and

Puerto Esperanza, Knowledge Center, Marandú Communications and the Ministry and the General Council of Education; training activities were conducted in three locations in the province, which were intended to promote the mainstreaming to achieve significant learning from base line.


The School of Robotics, along with the House of Representatives, the Government of the province of Misiones and the Knowledge Center articulated the necessary actions so that Misiones becomes in 2018 the headquarters of Campus Misiones Weekend, which took place from November 23 to 24 at the Knowledge Center. The meeting brought together a diverse number of young talents around innovation, technology, science, creativity, entertainment and digital entrepreneurship. An event with 300 campers in tent, 50 hours of content, 40 Startups & Makers and two content scenarios.